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The Rolla Police Department is committed to working in partnership with our community to improve the quality of life in our town. We are dedicated to solving community problems, the reduction of crime, the preservation of laws, ordinances and the constitutional rights of all persons within our jurisdiction.

The mandate of the Rolla Police Department, like most departments, is to protect and serve our community. The department takes great pains to recruit and maintain a membership of professional, caring officers and support personnel. Unfortunately, Rolla Police Department calls for service have been considerably higher in the last few years.  Offenses have been on the rise, and service-type calls have been even higher.   At a time when our department’s limited resources are being stretched even further, our agency is turning to civilian volunteers to enable police officers to be more on the front lines of law enforcement, working to make our community safer. As an example, with the addition of VIPS volunteers, Rolla Police Department officers are now able to take a more aggressive stance against drug activity and illicit crimes associated with drugs.

The Rolla Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program was established in January 2009 to promote effective use of the citizens of Rolla who wish to donate their time and talents to further the goals of the police department in response to President Bush's call to service in 2002 for all citizens of the United States.  

The Rolla Police Department is an organization committed to a partnership with the Rolla Community, whose goal is to reduce crime and increase education in crime prevention. The Rolla Police Department is dedicated to principles of Community Policing. The basis of Community Service is composed of value-oriented citizens, dedicated to building the partnership between the Rolla Community and the Rolla Police Department.

The mission of the Rolla Police Department VIPS Program is to serve as a volunteer support service to the Rolla Police Department, enhancing the effectiveness of community policing through the provision of administrative, and support services.

The Purpose of the VIPS Program

The Rolla Police Department has successfully addressed two core components of community policing - Community Partnership and Problem-Solving through development of a program of trained citizens actively assisting officers. The Rolla Police Department believes that our model of the VIPS program, even in its early stages has already been successfully implemented in our community. This is not a sworn officer reserve or auxiliary program. It is a unique partnership with citizens who are willing to volunteer their time in assistance of officers.

There are tangible results that have occurred following the development of our VIPS program.

The VIPS Program also brings many indirect benefits to the department, both internal and external. The department culture benefits from exposure to the talents and insight of the citizens who volunteer and relationships between the community and department grow. For example:

If you would like more information about the VIPS program, please email VIPS Coordinator Officer Bruce Stallworth, or call 573-308-1213.

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