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Rolla is a Third Class City under Missouri law, and has a Mayor-Administrator-Council form of government. Elected officers and officials of the City are chosen via general election, which takes place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in April each year, according to the length of their elected term. All eligible voters in Rolla vote for the Mayor, City Attorney, and Municipal Judge positions, and eligible voters within each of the six (6) wards of the City also vote for two (2) council-persons as their elected representatives to the City Council. All other positions within the City government are appointed.

Voter registration is under the jurisdiction of the County Clerk of Phelps County, the state-mandated election authority. Questions regarding voter eligibility and registration should be directed to the County Clerk's office.

Meeting Information

City Council agenda, minutes and full meeting packets.

The City Council meets twice monthly, (on the first and third Mondays.) All meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and are held in the Council Chambers on the first floor of City Hall located at 901 North Elm Street. Meetings are open to the public, and also televised, both live and on a repeat basis, by Rolla Channel 16 (RC16) and is also available on our YouTube channel.

Prior to each meeting, the planned agenda for the meeting is posted, both on bulletin boards at City Hall, and on this website. Following the regular (first) meeting each month, the final, approved minutes for the past month's meetings will also be posted on the site.

Agenda for upcoming meeting - posted by Thursday prior to meeting date.

Minutes of past meetings - posted following approval of minutes.

Mayor & City Council

Printable sheet with all elected offcials

Mayor Lou Magdits

  Term expires: April 2026

WARD 1 (map)
Where do I vote?

Mattias Penner

Terry Higgins

Josh Vroman

Moriah Renaud

Term expires April 2026

Term expires April 2025

WARD 2 (map)
Where do I vote?

Nathan Chirban

Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson

Term expires April 2024

Term expires April 2025

WARD 3 (map)
Where do I vote?

Steve Jackson

Lister Florence

Matt Fridley

Matt Fridley

Term expires April 2026

Term expires April 2025

WARD 4 (map)
Where do I vote?

William Hahn II

Jody Eberly

Robert Kessinger

Robert Kessinger

No number provided...
Term expires April 2026

Term expires April 2025

WARD 5 (map)
Where do I vote?

Kevin Greven
(Mayor Pro Tempore)

Carrolyn Bolin

Stanley Mayberry

Stanley Mayberry

Term expires April 2024

Term expires April 2025

WARD 6 (map)
Where do I vote?

Tina Balch

Deanne Lyons

Victoria Steen

Victoria Steen

Term expires April 2024

Term expires April 2025

Duties and Responsibilities

The City Council acts as the legislative authority for Third Class Cities.  Made up of 12 Council Persons, two from each of the six wards, Council Members serve for two year staggered terms.

Council Members must be at least twenty-one (21) years old, a U.S. Citizen, a city resident for one year, and a ward resident for six months.

The Council acts through the adoption of ordinances, resolutions and motions in establishing all laws, policies, and practices necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of all citizens including the adoption and implementation of the annual budget.

The Council also has the power to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of papers relating to any subject in which the City has an interest.

Open Citizen Comment Procedures

The following procedures apply to all meetings of the Rolla City Council:

Public Hearings - Any citizen is allowed to ask questions and/or make comments during any public hearing scheduled for a particular issue.

Citizen Communication - Public comment can be provided on any item on the agenda or on issues affecting the City not on the agenda. Public comments should generally be limited to 3-5 minutes. Citizens are encouraged (but not required) to contact City Administration (573-426-6948) one week prior to the meeting, preferably in writing, to be placed on the agenda. Doing so provides City Council an opportunity to give consideration to the issue/comment.

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