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The City maintains a number of advisory boards and commissions to serve various roles in City government. These boards are made up of citizens appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council, and serve in various capacities and for specified terms.

If you are interested in serving on one of the City's advisory boards or commissions, please contact the Administration Department, at (573) 426-6948. You can also download an application.


Committee Index


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Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee
(3 year terms)
Ken Kwantes April 2021 1308 Whitney Lane 465-5569
Jacob Rohter April 2020 651 Salem Avenue 368-2486
Dennis Noel April 2021 814 Cambridge Drive 573-612-8010
Dick Elgin April 2020 325 West Scioto Street, St. James 368-1550
Jeremy Jamison April 2020 303 Granite Drive 458-0130
Ryan Ebert April 2021 511 East 12th Street 636-293-2410
David Schott April 2022 607 Woodlawn Drive 410-615-9922
Cody Norris April 2022 305 Becca Drive 270-320-4454
Steve Hargis - (Ex officio)   901 North Elm Street 465-6626
Doug James - (Ex officio)   1007 North Elm Street 308-1213


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Meets on Call
(2 Consecutive Terms - 5 years)
Thomas Sutton July 2024 1809 Sandstone 426-4900
Danny H. Maxey June 2020 12 Redbud Lane 501-920-0121
Dan James (1st term) Oct. 2021 53 Laird Ave. 341-1033
Laura Stoll (1st term) Aug. 2022 731 Oak Knoll Rd 364-6778
Judy Jepsen (2nd term) Aug. 2022 702 Lariat Lane 364-7023
J. Michael Flowers (2nd term) May 2022 597 Sycamore Dr. 364-1533


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The Board of Appeals consists of 5 members who serve 5-year terms. Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council.

Meets on Call
(No limit)
Paul Frisbee July 2020 1511 Watts Drive 364-8900
Dean Sooter Feb. 2017 809 S. Rolla St 364-2317
Jack Mentink Sept. 2019 10575 Stoltz Drive 364-0365
Meghan Benton Dec. 2017 806 E. 5th Street 265-6576
Mark Williams Oct. 2019 10380 Vineyard Dr. 364-6171

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Meets on Call
(4 Year Term)
Dr. William Eric Showalter Aug. 2020 615 Brighton Court 368-4148
Ted Read Aug. 2023 302 Brady Drive 308-3040
Nick Barrack Aug. 2022 11930 State Route O 364-1671
Al Crump Aug. 2021 202 North Rolla St. 364-0656


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Meets on Call
John Meusch   910 Mallard Square 465-0553
Matt Crowell   1310 California Dr. 465-3011
David Schott   607 Woodland Dr. 573-818-3838


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Meets 3rd Wednesday each month at 6:30 p.m.
(3 year term)
Francine D. Merenghi April 2022 PO Box 1884 314-616-1280
Dr. Kent Wray April 2022 11870 Forest Lake Drive 341-3775
William Moorkamp April 2021 912 N. Cedar Street 364-7191
Doug Roberts April 2020 1101 N. State Street 341-4345
Linda Goff April 2021 1715 Barnitz Ave. 201-9300

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3rd Wednesday each month 4:00 p.m.
(4 Year Term)
Bill Priesmeyer Oct. 2021 1951 Malibu Court 314-808-1384
Ronald S. Robertson Oct. 2022 1941 Kensington Sq. 364-7985
Michael L. Singleton Oct. 2020 617 Brighton Court 364-4341
Carrolyn Bolin Oct. 2023 109 South Adrian 364-9663
Glenda Hill Oct. 2023 1440 Forum Drive 458-2210

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Meets on Call
(6 year terms)
Terry E. Harris March 2021 446 W. Little Oaks Rd. 578-9748
Maria Bancroft March 2021 602 Greentree Rd. 308-2091
Elizabeth Smith Sept. 2020 1111 Highland Drive 694-5787
Steve Bowles Aug. 2020 815 Oak Knoll Rd. 364-7962
Zachary Robinson March 2021 505 LaChateau Place 308-1212

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Library Board

The Library board consists of 9 members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Members serve overlapping terms of 3 years, and this board is responsible for supervision of the city library, including the employment of librarians and the purchase of books. Established by Ordinance (see Chapter 24 of the Rolla City Code). Board meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m.

3rd Thursday of each month 4:00 p.m.
(3 Consecutive Terms - 3 Years)
Amy Koenig 2nd term May 2020 1508 Sherman Ave. 647-1333
John Denbo 1st term May 2020 803 Cambridge 364-0313
Sara Marcus 1st term May 2021 506 West 11th 341-7922
Becky Roberts 1st term May 2022 606 La Chateau Place 254-405-0979
Brenda Linkeman 2nd term May 2022 1203 B, Forum Dr. 426-2006
James Marcellus 3rd term May 2022 1806 Belmont Ct. 364-4975
Dale Bleckman 3rd term May 2021 1002 Southview Dr. 578-0969
Diana L. Ahmad 1st term May 2020 112 Poe Drive 341-4817
Rachel J. White 1st term May 2021 PO Box 358, Rolla, MO 65402 426-2232

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Meets on Call
(3 Year Term)
David Dunstedter May 2017 809 Sycamore Dr. 364-3079
Maria Bancroft April 2015 602 Greentree Rd 308-2091
Gene Cresswell Feb. 2017 505 Lariat Lane 364-6453

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The Planning & Zoning Commission is a nine-member board that serves as the initial mechanism for approval or rejection of proposed subdivisions, rezoning cases, and other planning related issues. The Commission holds regular monthly meetings, at which public hearings are held concerning matters under its jurisdiction. After being voted on by the Commission, items are then sent on to the City Council, which holds final right of approval. The Planning & Zoning Commission consists of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals from throughout the community, along with one Council representative, and provides Planning and Codes related expertise and advice to the City Council.

As with other Boards and Commissions, members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council. An extensive overview of the duties, powers, and procedures of the Commission can be found in Chapter 42, Article 1 of the Rolla City Code.

Meets 2nd Tuesday each month at 5:30 p.m.
(4 Year Term)
(Related ordinances)
Walt Bowe Jan 2021 102 Fairburn Road 578-3607
Monte Shields Feb 2021 P.O. Box 189 368-4772
Don Brown May 2020 629 Salem Ave. 364-8442
Steven B. Shields Feb 2022 308 Victoria Ln. 578-1571
Robert Anderson Oct 2020 PO Box 283/26 McFarland 364-4482
Ray Schweikhardt June 2022 1342 South Rolla St. 573-364-8734
Janece Martin May 2021 503 Oak Knoll Rd. 364-4352
Russell Schmidt May 2022 702 Lariat Lane 364-7023
Jody Eberly (Council Rep) April 2020 496 Countryside Dr. 578-1498

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The Police Personnel Board serves as a certification board for prospective police officers with the City Police Department. Candidates for police officer positions are interviewed by the Police Personnel Board, which certifies eligible candidates for further consideration by Police staff officers.

This board consists of four to six appointed members who serve 4-year terms as set out in Chapter 33, Article II of the Rolla City Code. Members are appointed by the mayor and approved by Council. The board does not keep a regular meeting schedule, but meets on call.

Meets on Call
(4 Year Term)
(Related ordinances)
Bette Shields June 2020 308 Victoria Lane 578-3156
Bob Desai June 2022 812 South Bishop Ave. 364-1685
James Marcellus June 2019 1806 Belmont Court 364-4975
Dr. Keith Wedge June 2021 402 Lariat 341-2751
Jonathan C. Hines June 2021 621 Salem Ave 426-4244
Judy Jepsen June 2020 702 Lariat Lane 364-7023

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Meets on Call
Jim Williams PO Box 1897 364-2405
Jacob Rohter 651 Salem Ave 314-833-3958
Daniel Jones 710 E. 7th Street 466-1798

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Meets on Call
(2 Year Term)
(Related ordinances)
Ed Schmidt July 2021 Hwy. 28, Vichy, MO 299-4498
Dr. Delbert Day July 2020 10675 Lakemont Drive 364-5569
Steve Mason July 2021 309 Greenbriar Dr. Rolla 465-1079
Randy Stoll July 2021 731 Oak Knoll Rd 364-6778
Jody Eberly July 2020 496 Countryside Dr. 578-1498
Ronald D. Wilkerson July 2020 12981 CR 7240 618-977-2889
Mike Mathews July 2021 2401 Brewer Drive 364-0300


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Bill Marshall June 2019 11990 County Rd. 3430,
St. James
Larry Stratman * June 2024 10781 State Route BB 364-3291
Don Morris June 2023 208 Victoria 364-8682
Doug Cresswell June 2023 12335 County Rd. 8070 578-2485
Ted Day June 2022 4040 Hypoint North 364-2338
Jane Haskell ** June 2024 1411 Huntleigh Dr. 364-0899
Keith Strassner June 2021 596 Sycamore Dr. 341-3676

* Other Taxing Jurisdictions

** Rolla Public Schools


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The Rolla Historic Preservation Commission (RHPC) shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Rolla, Missouri with the consent of the Rolla City Council and shall consist of five (5) members, residents of the City or County.  Not more than two (2) members shall reside outside the City limits.  The RHPC shall endeavor, as its primary mission, to encourage preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of the City’s historic structures, districts, and neighborhoods.

(Related ordinances)


Adele Heller April 2020 809 Lariat Drive 364-3092
Randy Stratman April 2016 1711 Forest Place 364-8839
Larry Roberts April 2017 11636 Forest Circle 364-2841
Donna Reed April 2018 106 North Main Street 368-3577
Dennis Peterman April 2019 1601 East Hwy. 72 364-7373


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How T.I.F. Commission members are appointed - Section 99.820 of the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act specifies that the TIF Commission shall consist of eleven persons. Six of the members of the TIF Commission are appointed by the Mayor of Rolla with the approval of the Rolla City Council; two members are appointed by the Rolla Public School District; two members are appointed by the Phelps County Commission; and one member is appointed by agreement among the governing boards of all other taxing districts (excluding the City, the County and the School Districts) that levy an ad valorem tax in the redevelopment area.

Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Commission
Meets on Call
4 Year Terms - (Formed February 2003)
Charlotte Wiggins Feb 2018 1001 Bluebird Lane 364-1908
Stephen Bowles Feb 2022 815 Oak Knoll 364-7962
Bill Marshall Feb 2020 Phelps County Bank 364-5202
Terry Harris Feb 2021 446 West Little Oaks Road 578-9748
Lou Magdits Feb 2019 819 Oak Knoll Road 341-5311
Tom Thomas Feb 2019 Thomas & Birdsong 364-4097
Annie Bass   11850 Springhouse Lane 364-7107
Larry Stratman   200 N. Main St. 458-6115
Kelly Long   200 Greentree Road 341-5955
Dr. Aaron Zalis   1211 Britt Lane 426-5995
Melody Lloyd   1100 Mimosa Court 368-3516


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The Parks Advisory Commission (Related ordinances)

The Parks Advisory Commission meets the third (3rd) Wednesday of January, April, July & October.


Sue Arnold June 2022   465-3972
Andrew Meggett June 2022   273-3171
Larry Thomas June 2021   308-5134
Ken Kwantes June 2021   465-5569
Susan Wrassman June 2020   364-9588
Mike Fleischhauer June 2022 900 East 10th Street  


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The Phelps County Extension Council, comprised of elected and appointed citizens, is a full partner with Missouri's land-grant universities to deliver high-quality education and research-based information that helps people solve real-world problems and take advantage of opportunities.  The City of Rolla appoints one member to the Extension Council who can serve for 2 two-year terms. For more information you may contact the Extension Office at 573-458-6260.


Chris Beaugard (City Representative)

January 2021 1309 Woodlawn Drive 308-6132


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RREC is a private, not-for-profit corporation created to further the economic development of Rolla and Phelps County, MO.  The City and RREC enter into a contract for economic development services which include the mayor and three (3) appointments by the City Council.  Those appointments serve for staggered three-year terms.


Ben Tipton December 2020 Phelps County Bank 573-426-5471
Steve Jung December 2021 MoSci Corporation 573-647-6805
William S. Jenks III December 2022 Jenks Long Ins. (retired) 573-201-6624

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