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If you own a business that a) operates from a location within the city limits of Rolla, or b) does business in Rolla, regardless of your business location, you are required to acquire and display a City Business License in order to legally operate your business. This includes retail businesses, home-based businesses, and out-of-town contractors wishing to perform work within the City. In order to acquire your license, you must apply with the Rolla Finance Department, located on the second floor of City Hall at 901 North Elm Street. The fee for a new business license is $50. Please call 573-426-6982 for more information.

Different types of businesses have specific requirements in addition to the application and license fee. Contractors and construction industry applicants must supply either proof of Workers Compensation Coverage from their insurance company, or a State of Missouri affidavit of exemption asserting that such coverage is not required for the business.

For retail businesses, there are additional requirements that must be met before doing business. These include proper zoning, fire inspections, and a Missouri Retail Sales License (or exemption) from the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Home-based businesses are subject to different requirements, which are outlined in Chapter 42 of the Rolla City Code. Businesses meeting the requirements set forth in Chapter 42 for Customary Home Occupations are required to submit a signed form indicating their understanding of these requirements.

Effective Dates

To provide for consistent and efficient billing and enforcement, all Business Licenses issued by the Finance Department are assumed to be valid for a period of up to one year, and expire on June 30. Note that first-year licenses are NOT valid for 1 year from the time of purchase, but only until June 30, and that fees for first-year licenses are not prorated.


License renewals are required on a yearly basis for all business wishing to continue doing business in Rolla. Letters reminding current license holders of this renewal requirement are typically sent during the month of May and June. Businesses wishing to renew their license must remit the $35 renewal fee by June 30 to avoid penalties.

Other Licenses

The Finance Department also handles Liquor Licenses for business wishing to sell alcoholic beverages within the City (contact the Finance Dept. for details), as well as Peddler's Permits ($50), and Fireworks Licenses ($50) which are required to operate a fireworks stand inside the City.

Frequent Questions

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