City of Rolla Website & Social Media Terms of Use

The City of Rolla social media pages (including, but not limited to: Facebook, Blogs, Twitter) are intended to be used for informational purposes only. If you wish to contact City Council or to request City services, please visit the City's official website:

This "social media site" is maintained and moderated by City of Rolla employees to ensure that posted comments are constructive and suitable for all readers while respecting a range of opinions and points of view. Moderation will take place during City Hall's normal business hours (Mon-Fri: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Posted comments must comply with the following regulations:

  1. Comments must be civil and may not contain slanderous, libelous, malicious, offensive, threatening, profane or insulting language.
  2. References to the personality of individuals or personal attacks will not be permitted.
  3. Advertising or promotional announcements are not permitted.
  4. Comments must be within the scope of the topic under discussion.
  5. Comments cannot include personally identifiable information, such as an address, phone number, social security number or other sensitive information. The City of Rolla is not responsible for the use and/or misuse of any personal information posted online in violation of these policies.
  6. Comments cannot represent a person other than the one posting the comment.
  7. Comments containing links to other web sites or pages must be relevant to the topic.
  8. Comments cannot serve electoral campaign purposes. Political messages will not be published.
  9. Participants are responsible for what they post. Comments must not breach any law, confidentiality or copyright.

Anyone posting comments contrary to this Terms of Use policy may be prohibited from future participation and the offending comments will be deleted.

Employee Guidance for Participating in Social Networking:

The City of Rolla understands that social networking and Internet services have become a common form of communication in the workplace and among stakeholders and citizens. Social networks are online communities of people or organizations that share interests and/or activities and use a wide variety of Internet technology to make the interaction a rich and robust experience. Employees that choose to participate in social networks as a City employee should adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. City policies, rules, regulations and standards of conduct apply to employees that engage in social networking activities while conducting City business. Use of your City e-mail address and communicating in your official capacity will constitute conducting City business.
  2. City employees shall notify their supervisor and the IT department if they intend to create a social networking site or service to conduct City business.
  3. Departments have the option of allowing employees to participate in existing social networking sites as part of their job duties. Department Heads may allow or disallow employee participation in any social networking activities in their departments. Departments may or may not also have their own policies regarding their social media sites in addition to the these.
  4. Protect your privacy, the privacy of citizens, and the information the City holds. Follow all privacy protection laws, i.e., HIPPA, and protect sensitive and confidential City information.
  5. Follow all copyright laws, public records laws, retention laws, fair use and financial disclosure laws and any others laws that might apply to the City or your functional area.
  6. Do not reference vendors, suppliers, clients, citizens, co-workers or other stakeholders without their approval.
  7. If you publish content on any website outside of the City of Rolla and it has something to do with the work you do or subjects associated with the City, use a disclaimer such as this: "The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent the City's positions or opinions."
  8. Do not use ethnic slurs, profanity, personal insults, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in the City's workplace. Avoid comments or topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory.
  9. If you identify yourself as a City employee, ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself to colleagues, citizens and other stakeholders.
  10. Correct your mistakes, and don't alter previous posts without indicating that you have done so. Frame any comments or opposing views in a positive manner.
  11. Add value to the City of Rolla through your interaction. Provide worthwhile information and perspective.

The City of Rolla does not warrant or make representations or endorsements as to the quality, content, suitability, accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links and other items contained on this server or any other server. Such materials have been compiled from a variety of sources, and are subject to change without notice from the City of Rolla. Except to the extent required by law, commercial use of the materials is prohibited without the written permission of the City of Rolla.

Some of the links on this and subsequent pages may lead to resources outside of the City of Rolla municipal government. The presence of these links should not be construed as an endorsement by the City of Rolla of these sites or their content. The City of Rolla is not responsible for the content on any such external link. The City of Rolla specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from providing the City of Rolla web site or information it contains, including any web sites maintained by third parties and linked to the City of Rolla web site. The responsibility for content rests with the third party organizations who are providing the information.

Except to the extent required by law, communications made through e-mail and comments posted shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to the City of Rolla or any of its agencies, officers, employees, agents or representatives with respect to any existing or potential claim or cause of action against the agencies, officers, employees, agents or representatives where notice to the City is required by an federal, state or local laws, rules or its regulations.

Note: The City of Rolla reserves the right to update these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notification.

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