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Tax Rates & Collection Information

City Property Taxes

The City of Rolla collects property taxes only on Real Property (i.e. real estate). No taxes on Personal Property (Automobiles, etc.) are levied or collected by the City. The City does not perform property assessments, or property tax collections, in-house. Assessed valuations on which your City taxes are based are determined by the Phelps County assessor. Collections are made through the Phelps County Collector's office.

City of Rolla Real Property Taxes
per $100 assessed.
General Municipal Purposes
Public Library Purposes
Park Purposes


Sales Taxes

Sales Transacted Within Rolla City Limits
General, Parks, Conservation
0.5% General, 0.375% Law Enforcement, 0.25% 911
1% General, 0.5% Transportation, 0.5% Capital Improvement, .25% Parks
Additional taxes may apply, see note below*

* Add an additional 1% if shopping in the MRTDD (TDD district)
* Add an additional 1% if shopping in the Plaza Forum CID

Other Taxes

Franchise Fees

All utility franchises operating within the city limits are required by ordinance to pay 5% of total gross receipts to the City as a franchise fee, or franchise tax.

Lodging/Guest Tax

This is a 3% "Lodging" Tax on all Hotels, Motels, Inns, and Lodges in the city limits, based on gross receipts derived from "transient guests for sleeping accommodations" (Article VI of Chapter 37, Rolla Municipal Code). All revenues received from this tax are used by the City for promoting the City as a convention, visitor and tourist center.

Frequent Questions

Why don't I get a property tax bill from the City anymore?

More Information

Phelps County Assessor's Office

Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 94 "Taxation in Other Cities"

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