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Community policing has become an active part of the Rolla Police Department. This unique idea is bringing positive response from the Rolla community as special programs are implemented into organizations and schools. The programs, which are listed below, have had an impact on the community, and have improved the relationships between law enforcement and the community.

To contact our Community Service Officer, call Stg. Tony Lauth at the Rolla Police Department at (573) 308-1213, or send an email to Tony Lauth

Programs and Services Offered

Officer Bill

This safety program is primarily presented to elementary age children to remind them that police officers are their friends. Safety tips such as "Stranger Danger" are addressed.

Animal Control

The Rolla Animal Shelter maintains public awareness of its primary function with public appearances and educational programs. Additionally, many organizations come to the Shelter on a regular basis for a tour of the facilities.

Bicycle Safety

Several programs with a focus on bicycle safety were put on by officers. Youth groups throughout the city were informed about laws which are applicable.

Information Booths

Members of the Rolla Police Department display information booths at a number of public functions--Arts and Crafts Festival, Home Expo Show, the Health Fair, Wal-Mart, and Ft. Leonard Wood.

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