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As we enter the Twenty-First Century, our community faces some very trying times in relation to criminal activity. It is a topic of vital importance to all of us, especially to future generations in Rolla and all over America. Each year the Rolla Police Department initiates as well as participates in many crime prevention programs. Some examples of the programs offered to the community are listed below.

If you would like more information on any of these programs please call Tony Lauth at 573-308-1213 or send him an email.

Crime Stastistics

Drug/Alcohol Abuse Awareness

Adults and children from various organizations regularly receive training on drug use, abuse, and detection.

DWI Enforcement

Removing the intoxicated driver from the roadway is a priority of the Rolla Police Department. We focus our efforts not only on enforcement, but also on education.

Gang Awareness

With Rolla being near large cities where gangs are prevalent, it has become apparent that the public needs to be educated on gang tendencies. For this reason, RPD has placed an emphasis on educating school teachers and citizens in general so that they may be aware of the signs of gang affiliation. In this way, we hope to be able to work together with the community in order keep gang activity out of Rolla.

Merchant Warning System

This computer-generated service provides a timely and accurate phone call to selected businesses within the community at any hour of the day to pass on pertinent information that may be beneficial to the operation of their businesses. Lost or stolen check information, fraudulent use of credit cards, or any criminal activity which may touch their business is passed along in this efficient manner.

Neighborhood Watch

This citizen-involvement program was developed in 1983 to encourage citizens to protect their own neighborhoods by watching out for each other and reporting any suspicious activity to the Police Department.

Robbery Awareness

The Rolla Police Department provides training in Robbery Awareness to banking institutions. Suspect and Vehicle Identification and Maintaining a Safe Environment are some of the focal points during this important training.

Senior Alert

This program targets senior citizens as potential victims in con or scam crimes. Senior citizens are taught what to look for in business transactions and how to be alert for possible misrepresentations.

Sexual Assault/Rape Prevention

Many organizations receive training from the Rolla Police Department on Sexual Assault Awareness. How to Avoid Becoming a Victim, the Judicial Process, and Deterrent Factors are covered in programs presented to civic organizations and sororities.

The Highway patrol also maintains the Missouri Sex Offender Registry Website

Shoplifting Prevention Workshops

The Rolla Police Department offers Shoplifting Prevention/Detection training for businesses within the community. This popular program makes business owners aware of the elements of the crime of shoplifting which must be met, and also train them to look for suspicious activity/persons.

Vacation Security Checks

The Rolla Police Department provides the general public with a check of their homes while they are away. This service, provided at no cost to the citizens, offers the comfort of knowing their homes are secure in their absence.

Youth Fingerprinting

The Rolla Police Department continues its involvement in Child/Youth Fingerprinting by setting up fingerprinting locations throughout the city. Children, ages 3-16, are fingerprinted by officers free of charge. Parents or guardians are provided with a 24-page booklet containing pertinent information about their children.

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