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Engineer: Darin Pryor P.E.

The Engineering Division of Public Works provides administration, engineering, planning, and supervision for projects undertaken by the Public Works Department, and performs many of these functions for various other agencies with city government. Whether in-house planning and design, coordination of outside engineering firms and contractors, or construction surveying and inspection, the Engineering Division has a hand in nearly every activity involving the City's facilities and infrastructure. Engineering staff is responsible for establishing priorities for work to be performed, preparing budgets, plans, contract documents, specifications, and quality control for Public Works projects. Engineering projects include streets, sewer collection, storm sewer management, and subdivision development review. Engineering services are also provided on a regular basis to Community Development, Environmental Services, Rolla National Airport, Parks Department, and Rolla Municipal Utilities.

State of the art computer and network equipment combined with AutoCAD and engineering design software is utilized to aid in these tasks. The division also maintains a variety of facility maps and records which include; subdivisions, parcels, zoning, sewer, street, pavement management, flood plain, and digital imagery. A computer based ArcINFO Geographic Information System (GIS) is used to maintain this information providing quick and easy access to mapping and management data.

Map Availability

Many of the maps maintained by Engineering staff are available for viewing or purchase by the public. These include Subdivision, Zoning, and Street Maps. For pricing, availability, and other information, please contact the Public Works Department, 4th floor, City Hall, 901 North Elm Street, 364-8659.

Many maps are also published online in Adobe PDF format.

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