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Yard Waste

"Yard waste" consists of grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs, and other vegetative debris resulting from the normal grooming and pruning of lawns and landscapes.  All yard waste collected in Rolla is taken to a public composting site located near the Rolla Recycling Center at 2141 Old St. James Road.  The compost site is open Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday mornings from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (hours/days of operation may fluctuate seasonally).

Mulch/compost is periodically available while supplies last.  Note:  the compost biodegradation process creates high heat temperatures.  If you are using "green" or "hot" material, you would be wise to use caution in applying it to your plants or garden.  During operating hours, you may shovel your own compost/mulch when available.  Certain limited hours are established for mechanical loading of material.  Please call the Environmental Services Dept. at 364-6693 for information on availability and days/hours of loading.

Yard Waste Collection

yard waste bagsRolla residents may have their yard waste collected on the same day as their trash and recyclables as long as the yard waste is placed in biodegradable paper bags, or properly bundled, and placed at the curb/collection point.  Paper yard waste bags are offered by several area retailers.  Bundles of sticks should be tied tightly with string, should be no longer than 3 feet and weigh no more than 25 pounds per bundle.

The regular weekly collection of yard waste is suspended during the winter months (mid-December through February) due to the typically low volume of yard debris generated during that time of year.  However, the compost site remains open year-round for yard waste disposal, or residents can call to arrange and pay for a special pick up of yard waste in the off-season.

No fee is charged to residents hauling yard waste from their own yards to the compost site.  However, there is a fee charged to for-profit businesses using the facility.

Brush Pickup

The City provides a brush pickup service for tree limbs 6 inches in diameter or smaller.  Limbs should be approximately 5 feet in length (or less).  This service provides residents with a means of getting rid of downed limbs resulting from general clean-up and pruning practices, but is not intended to provide commercial-scale removal services.  A special pick-up request is necessary, and a service fee is charged, (see Collection Fees).


Composting is a relatively simple way to manage your yard waste and some other organic wastes (i.e., certain kitchen scraps).  Composting is a natural decomposition process used to convert biodegradable organics into a reusable humus material that can be used as a soil amendment.  For a copy of "A Homeowners Guide to Composting", or for more information, contact the Environmental Services Department at 364-6693, or waste@rollacity.org.


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