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recycle truckThe City provides a once a week curbside collection of trash placed in either a 35 gallon or a 90 gallon roll-out container. The container is furnished by the City and should be brought to the curbside by 6:00 am of the collection day. The containers can be placed to the curb the evening before the collection day but must be rolled back to the front line of the house after the collection. Assistance is available for residents who are physically unable to move their containers to the curbside.

It is the responsibility of the resident to keep the container clean and in sanitary condition. Trash must be placed in tied plastic bags with the container lid kept closed and it is a good idea to wash the container a few times a year. The effort to keep a clean sanitary container is appreciated.

For occasions when residents have more trash than will fit into their container, the City offers specially marked trash bags for $1 each. These bags can be placed beside your trash cart on your normal collection day. Trash bags can be purchased at the Recycling Center or at the Finance Department at City Hall.

Arrangements can be made each week for bulk items that are not a normal part of the trash service, such as couches, chairs, etc., for an extra fee or by purchasing Bulk Waste Stickers. The City also conducts a spring clean up to collect specified bulk items at no charge.

City-Wide Spring Clean-Up:

This event is conducted on the first Saturday in April.

Items not collected during this event include appliances, tires, yard waste, brush and construction ⁄ demolition debris. Items should be placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. the day of the collection. Trash carts are NOT emptied during this special collection event.


Commercial services available: 90 gallon polycarts, 1-yard, 2-yard, 4-yard and 6-yard dumpsters; and 10-yard, 20-yard, and 30-yard roll-off containers. Commercial services for dumpsters range from a once a week pick-up to five times a week pick-up depending on the customer's needs. Roll-off containers are typically emptied within 4 to 8 hours of a call-in request. The Department also provides service to those businesses that own their own compactor.

Recycling Services


The City of Rolla provides a residential curbside collection service for recyclable materials. Participation is voluntary. The following items are collected: #1 plastics, #2 plastics, tin cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars (clear, blue, brown & green), cardboard, newspaper, and mixed paper such as magazines and junk mail. The recyclable materials should be placed in a recycling bin furnished by the City and placed at the curbside for collection on the same day as the trash collection. MOTOR OIL containers CANNOT be recycled.

* Plastic bags and shrink wrap are accepted at the Recycling Center but are NOT collected in the curbside program.


The City of Rolla encourages businesses to recycle their cardboard and office paper by providing collection containers for each and collecting them on site at their businesses.

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