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Solid Waste Fees

Fees charged for collection services are adopted by the City Council and are a part of the City of Rolla Municipal Code. These fees may be adjusted from time to time.

Types of Containers / Services

Residential Roll-out Containers

Currently $13.25 per month per 35 gallon container
Currently $15.75 per month per 90 gallon container

These monthly residential fees include weekly trash collection as well as weekly collection of recyclables and yard waste.

Commercial Roll-out Containers

Currently $15.25 per month per 90 gallon container emptied weekly

Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial dumpster fees

# of services
per week
One (1) cubic-yard
Monthly charge
Two (2) cubic-yard
Monthly charge
Four (4) cubic-yard
Monthly charge
Six (6) cubic-yard
Monthly charge
Cost per extra
service request
Container swap fee: $25.00 each time

Dumpster Rental Fees

Dumpster rental guidelines, fee structure & application form

Size Deposit Cost to Empty Daily Rent Dimensions
4 YD $84.00 $84.00 $5.25 5'Wx7'Lx4'D
6 YD $115.50 $115.50 $5.25 5'Wx10'Lx4'D
10 YD $125.00 $105.00 $5.25 7'Wx10'Lx4'D
20 YD $125.00 $105.00 $5.25 7'Wx20'Lx4'D
30 YD $125.00 $105.00 $5.25 7'Wx20'Lx6'D
Roll off boxes
pull charge
$105.00 (Minimum of one pull/box/mo.)
Rear load dumpster
4 cubic yards
$84.00 / empty
Rear load dumpster
6 cubic yards
$115.50 / empty
pull charge
$120.00 (single handling)
$136.50 (double handling)
Daily rental: $5.25 / day (Mon-Fri)
Move fee: $52.50 to move or relocate dumpster without having dumpster emptied.
Transport fee: $2.60/mile (This fee is charged when waste is required to be direct-hauled to landfill)

There are certain regulated wastes that cannot be placed in trash carts or dumpsters. Contact the Environmental Services Dept. for information, 573-364-6693.

4 & 6 yard dumpsters - No shingles or heavy metal allowed in these dumpsters.

10, 20 & 30 yard dumpsters - A per ton disposal fee applies to these dumpsters, call 573-364-6693 for current rate.

Special pick-ups (Wednesdays)

Special pickup fees are pre-paid at the Rolla Recycling Center by 4:00 PM on day prior to pickup.
Requests for special pick-ups will be accepted until 10:00 AM on day of pickup, schedule allowing.

Billing of special pickup fees is available only to customers such as Property Management Companies, etc. that have an established account in good standing.

In the event of a holiday during the normal work week, special pick-ups may be postponed until the following week.

Trash, furniture, etc. = $25.00 (approx. pickup truck load)

Appliances = $20.00 each
Washer, dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, air conditioner, stove ⁄ oven, water heater, etc.

Brush/yard waste = $20.00 minimum for first 15 minutes ($1 per minute thereafter)
Brush should be cut in lengths not to exceed 5 feet long and 6 inches in diameter (to fit in trash truck.)

Tires = $10.00 minimum, 2 or more $5.00 each
Tires need to be free of significant debris (dirt, concrete, etc.)

Paper Shredder/Document Destruction Service

15 minutes: $10.00 (minimum)

30 minutes: $12:50

45 minutes: $18.75

60 minutes: $25.00

Staples are OK but NO plastic or metal binders.

We do paper shredding on site at the Recycling Center on Wednesdays by appointment only.

Plastic Trash Bags Available

$1.00 each: Specially marked 33 gallon trash bags can be purchased at the City of Rolla Recycling Center or the Finance Dept. (at City Hall) for use when residents have more trash than will fit in their trash cart. Place bags on ground next to trash cart on normal collection day.


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