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This building permit application can be used for any residential/commercial construction or demolition projects within the City of Rolla. This includes signs, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing projects.

For more information on the permitting process, please read our Building in the City of Rolla and Building Permit Process booklets.

Please note: All contractors must have a valid business license in the City of Rolla before permits can be issued. Please contact the Finance Dept. to apply for a business license prior to applying for a building permit.

Building Fees


Depending on the project, there will be different plans needed. For residential projects, a hand-drawn sketch will suffice, but for commercial work, signed and sealed drawings from an architect will be needed. Other projects may not need plans, but instead a written scope of work. Please contact Community Development at 573-426-6985 if you have questions regarding what plans your project will need.

Community Development is now offering ELECTRONIC PLAN REVIEW. To utilize our virtual services, please send a copy of your Building Permit Application along with the drawings or plans to Administrative Assistant Sarah West.

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