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Nuisance & Property Maintenance

The City of Rolla is an inviting place to live because our residents take pride in the appearance of their homes and neighborhoods. The City has adopted ordinances regulating property maintenance in both residential and commercial areas to keep our community safe and in good order. 

Our staff in the Community Development Department regularly patrols the City to identify violations, and is responsible for responding to complaints. To file a grievance, or to report a violation, you may fill out the Nuisance Investigation Report used to request an investigation of a property violation. This form may be emailed to, or dropped off on the 2nd Floor of Rolla City Hall.

For questions or concerns, you may contact our Zoning & Codes Inspector, Kathleen McMeen, at (573) 364-5333, or email at

The Code Enforcement Process

Whenever a violation is identified, the owner/resident/tenant will be notified of the violation and given an opportunity to correct it. This will be done by posting a notice on the property (usually on the front door) and mailing a copy to the owner or by presenting the owner/resident with a notice in person.

The allowable amount of time to make corrections varies. High grass, weeds, brush or trash and rubbish piled on the right-of-way or at the curb will be given 5 days to correct the problem(s). Other violations will be given 30 days to make the necessary corrections. Property maintenance violations that create immediate health, safety or danger to the general welfare of the residents/tenants will result in the property being declared uninhabitable and occupancy of the structure will not be allowed until the required corrections have been made. Utilities may be shut off if they are not already and a building permit required. Once the Code and Building Inspectors have inspected and find the violations have been corrected bringing them back into compliance; occupancy may resume.

If the violations are not corrected within the timeframe given, the City may abate the violation and place a tax lien on the property. Common abatements are cutting of grass and weeds and removing trash and rubbish on the property. The total amount of the lien shall include the cost of the abatement, an administrative fee (generally $100) and all filing fees incurred. In other instances, a summons to appear in Municipal Court will be issued. Violators may be subjected to a fine of not more than $500, or by imprisonment not exceeding 90 days; or both such fine and imprisonment. These offenses are a Misdemeanor and each day that a violation continues after time due notice has been served shall be deemed a separate offense.


Most Common Nuisance and Property Maintenance Violations

  1. Junked, abandoned, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles or trailers on the property. (Sec. 302.8 IMPC & Sec. 28.2(m)
  2. Exterior surfaces of building with peeling, flaking or chipped painted requiring repainting. (Sec. 303.2 IMPC)
  3. Exterior stairway, deck, porch or balcony structurally unsound and needs repair. (Sec. 303.10 IMPC)
  4. Garbage or rubbish deposited over the property or in the right-of-way. Must be removed in 5 days. (Sec. 305 IMPC & Sec. 28-2 b-d Rolla)
  5. Plumbing fixtures in need of repair or not in a safe and sanitary condition (Sec. 504.1, 505.1 & 506.1 IMPC )
  6. Heating facilities in need of repair (Sec. 602 IMPC)
  7. Unsafe chimney, vent or other mechanical systems not in a safe working condition. (Sec. 303.11 & 603.1 IMPC)
  8. Electrical system hazards or shutoff by the utility company (Sec. 604 & 605 IMPC)
  9. Dangerous or unsafe building (Sec. 6-25 Rolla  & Sec. 303 & 304 IMPC)
  10. Broken windows or unsecure entries into the building (Sec. 6-32 Rolla & Sec. 304.18 IMPC)
  11. Old appliances, automobile parts, scrap iron, other metals or worn out machines on the property. (Sec. 28-2(n) Rolla
  12. Shrubs, hedges and limbs of trees projecting over a side walk or street or at a height of less than ten (10) feet. (Sec. 28-2 (g) Rolla
  13. Ponds or pools containing unclean water. Sec. 28-2(i) Rolla & Sec. 302.7.2 IMPC
  14. Unlawful open storage on porches, under carports or breezeways, in open garages not equipped with a door or storage inside yards or areas visible from the public right-of-way. (Excluding patio furniture intended for outdoor use, barbeque grills, play sets, and garden ornaments). Sec. 28-2(n) Rolla
  15. Brushed piled on property Sec. 28-11
  16. High weeds, grass, brush or profusely growing vegetation taller than ten (10”) in height.( Sec. 28-11 Rolla & Sec. 302.4 IMPC). Must be cut within 5 days.
  17. Fence, sign or accessory structure not properly maintained or in an unsafe condition. Signs require a permit. (Sec. 42-227.3, 42-244.4(d) Rolla & Sec. 302.7 IMPC
  18. Animal matter, etc. that might be offensive to sight and smell, items deposited that might become breeding areas to mosquitoes, ants, flies, rats, mice or other insects, animals or vermin and substances that cause an odor disagreeable to the neighborhood. Sec. 28-2(b) & Sec. 28-2(l) Rolla

Nuisance Regulations

For all Nuisance regulations refer to Sections 6, 28 and 42 as they may apply of the Rolla City Code, and can be viewed in Development Codes on the Community Development Webpage.

Property Maintenance requirements can be found in the 2000 International Property Maintenance Code.  A copy can be accessed at the Community Development office in City Hall or by the internet.

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