"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now." ~Chinese Proverb

Tree availability


The City of Rolla is pleased to offer the following selection of trees through the Reforest Rolla program. Each tree has been carefully chosen based on characteristics that make it ideal for use as an urban street tree. Moisture requirements, soil characteristics, available space, existing utilities and sight distance all effect the choice of trees suitable for a particular location. Individuals interested in planting a tree should familiarize themselves with these issues before choosing the desired tree(s). Three broad categories have been established for types of trees: flowering trees, fall color trees and shade trees.

The “Flowering Trees” offer the most visual interest during early to late spring. In addition, each tree within the category has one particular characteristic that makes it particularly desirable. Whether you’re looking for exceptionally beautiful foliage, a heady fragrance or bloom staying power, one of these trees is sure to grab your attention.

If shade is what you are looking for, the program offers three varieties that are known for this prized quality. These trees are most beneficial during the summer months. Again, each offers a little something extra ranging from drought tolerance to distinctive bark patterns.

If you admire the brilliance of the fall landscape, the “Fall Color Trees” provide a range of colors to spruce up your property; oranges, reds and purples. Reforest Rolla offers two varieties of maple; the sugar maple and the ‘October Glory’ red maple and the ‘Winter King’ hawthorn.

To find out more about each tree, simply click “More details…” text for a detailed description in a pdf printable document.

Flowering Trees

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Forest Pansy Redbud (cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy')


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Japanese Tree Lilac (syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk')


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Sweetbay Magnolia (magnolia virginiana)


Shade Trees

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American Hophornbeam (ostrya virginiana)

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Shademaster Honeylocust (gleditsia triacanthos inermis ‘Shademaster')

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Chinese Lacebark Elm (ulmus parvifolia)


"Fall Color" Trees

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Black Gum (nyssa sylvatica)

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October Glory Maple (acer rubrum 'October Glory')


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Sugar Maple (acer saccharum)



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