"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now." ~Chinese Proverb

Homeowner Agreement


To order your tree, please print and fill out the Homeowner Agreement.

Be sure to read the following Frequently Asked Questions before ordering.

Return your completed form to:

  1. By mail: Reforest Rolla, P.O. Box 979, Rolla, MO 65402-0979
  2. By email: reforest@rollacity.org
  3. By fax: (573) 364-8602
  4. In person: 901 North Elm Street, Rolla

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is there a limit to the number of trees I can order?

A. You may order as many trees as you like, but please be aware that requests will be filled one tree per year per homeowner.

Q. What trees are available?

A. Please visit the "Available Trees" page for descriptions and printable pdf documents for each tree offered.

Q. I rent/lease a home. Can I still order a tree?

A. ONLY THE PROPERTY OWNER may sign the Tree Application Agreement. However, if approved, maintenance responsibility can be voluntarily assumed by the renter.

Q. What happens after I submit my application?

A. After your application has been received and approved, staff will contact the property owner to arrange a site visit. You may suggest a planting location at that time, however the site must be approved by the Public Works Department and Rolla Municipal Utilities before a tree can be planted.

Q. What is the best location for my tree?

A. The tree should be located on municipal property (unless a waiver has been signed). This typically includes the space between the sidewalk and curb, or "parkway". It may also include space on the homeowners side of the sidewalk. This will be determined by city personnel.

Q. Will I automatically receive the tree of my choice?

A. The choice of tree depends on surrounding conditions, more particularly available space and existing utilities. Provided conditions are favorable for the tree, you will be provided with your choice. If inappropriate for your site, you may choose another tree based on the same selection criteria.

Q. When will the city plant the trees?

A. Planting will be done at the most optimum time of the year based on the tree species. This will typically be in early spring and fall.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my tree?

A. The City of Rolla anticipates this being very a very popular with residents. Planting dates will vary based upon demand. You may contact the city at anytime to check on program progress by emailing reforest@rollacity.org.

Q. How big are the trees?

A. The City will be planting trees with trunk diameters of 3/4" or greater. The trees will NOT be saplings.

Q. Where can I find mulch for my tree?

A. While supplies last, free mulch is available at the City of Rolla Environmental Services building located on McCutchen Drive.

Contact Us

For questions or information regarding the Reforest Rolla Program, contact:
reforest@rollacity.org or call (573) 426-6955