Shovelling Your Way Out

We've all seen it happen. The snow plow goes by clearing a lane to open the street to traffic, squeezing between cars parked on both sides of the street. The snow piles up, blocking your car. Just as you've finished shoveling your way out of the mess, the plow comes by a second time to further clear the street. Your car and driveway are once again, buried.

The snow plow drivers are sympathetic to your plight and do not intentionally create extra work for you. However, if the streets are not cleared from curb to curb and it continues to snow, there would be nowhere for the accumulation to go when the plow goes through again. Depending on the amount of snow accumulation, it normally takes at LEAST 24 hours after the snow stops for the crews to clear the streets. So the longer the property owner waits to shovel the driveway, the better.

The city CANNOT shovel private drives or sidewalks. There are over 70 miles of sidewalk within the city limits and innumerable driveways. For those individuals that are unable to clear their driveway and/or sidewalk, or those that simply aren't thrilled with the winter weather and would rather hire someone, there are agencies available to assist you.

For Fee Snow Removal

The City of Rolla does not endorse any specific contractor and offers the following list as a courtesy to residents. If you would like your company listed on this site, contact

Scott Doyel - (573) 467-5017
Greg Fuller - (573) 364-1285 (office) or (573) 578-1880 (cell)
Mark Williams - (573) 465-3130
Kenny Wilson - (573) 308-2626
Don Wilson - (573) 308-2424

Volunteer Snow Removal

There currently is no list available individuals or groups wishing to volunteer to assist citizens who are either physically or financially unable to afford "for fee" snow removal. If you would like to volunteer, contact