Winter is Here

The city limits of Rolla currently encompass roughly 12 square miles of land and almost 111 miles of city maintained streets. When the snow and ice begin to fall, that can be a daunting statistic. But this is the type of situation that City of Rolla Public Works employees prepare for throughout the year with continual training and maintenance. When the notice of possible inclement weather comes through the fax machine, the crews are ready to go.

While it may not seem so to the average person, removing the snow from city streets is governed by a specific protocol. Traffic volumes, emergency vehicle accessibility and essential services are just a few factors to be considered.

The first priority of the Department of Public Works during and after any snowfall event is to maintain safe and efficient access to major traffic-carrying roadways and known trouble spots. As a first line of attack, anti-icing material (AIM) is applied to major thoroughfares such as Salem Avenue and Forum Drive. Next, intersections and hills throughout the community are dusted with AIM. When the snow reaches around two inches the plows are utilized. First the major thoroughfares are cleared to their full width at which point the plows move to the secondary streets. Most of the secondary streets are in residential neighborhoods where there is typically a significant amount of on-street parking, therefore the initial goal becomes clearing a driveable swath down the center of the street.

To better understand the logistics behind snow removal and the types of AIM's used, the reader is invited to review the City of Rolla Snow Removal Policy provided on this site. Recent modifications have been implemented to allow for a more efficient means of clearing the streets while providing better service to the citizens of the community.