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Current & Future Projects

Bids and RFQ's on current and future projects.

The City will replace approximately 645 lf of aging, undersized sanitary sewer trunk line in the Bishop's Alley area. The line, which is currently composed of deteriorating 15" clay pipe, will be upgraded to 36" plastic. The project will begin near the intersection of State and First and run adjacent to Carter Creek all the way to Rolla Street. Design and construction will be done by in-house staff and will include bank stabilization improvements to Carter Creek.


As part of a new sewer use agreement with College Hills Sewer District, the city will design, construct and maintain the sanitary sewer collection system while providing direct billing to the end users. 34 residences and future residential development will benefit from these improvements. The sewer district board will remain in place and assist with the collection of delinquent bills. Upon successful completion of the project, similar agreements in Ozark Terrace and Shady Oaks will be upgraded to mirror this program.

A partnership between the City of Rolla, the Phelps County Commission, the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department (MODOT) and the Meramec Regional Planning Commission (MRPC) has reopened a section of roadway from a bygone era. North outer road improvements, funded by a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), has allowed for the construction of a section of roadway that reconnects Highway 63 and Northwye with Route V, using what roughly corresponds with the old Route 66 corridor. The enhancements, designed and managed by the City of Rolla, will provide traffic relief to the area while improving access to property and serving as an incident bypass route.

The formation of a Transportation Development District, known as the "Rolla West TDD", will fund approximately 35 million dollars worth of transportation improvements by increasing sales tax 1 cent. The district will affect the majority of commercial property and will generate nearly 3 million dollars annually, allowing for consideration of such projects as the Route 72 Extension, improvements to Kingshighway, a pedestrian bridge along Route E, and the realignment of University Drive.

Several missing sections of sidewalk will be constructed over the following year. Areas of 18th Street, Walnut Street and Bardsley Road will see the installation of ADA compliant five foot sidewalk and curb ramps. These will connect existing sections of sidewalk and add to the city's sidewalk network.
During the 2016-2017 construction season, several high traffic roads throughout town will receive much needed improvements. Those that are slated for work will be designed and constructed by in-house staff with the exception of the concrete work and include:

Using funding provided by the Federal Highway Administration through the Missouri Department of Transportation, the city will use STP (Surface Transportation Program) money to design and turnkey bid improvements to Salem Avenue. This will allow for a maintenance overlay and upgrades to curb ramps at all intersections from Fifth Street to Highway 72.

City staff will replace all concrete paving at the fire station located at 4th and Main Street. Approximately half of the work was performed in 2016. The remainder will be scheduled for 2017 and completed as weather permits.

Approximately 2150 lineal feet of storm sewer improvements will be installed in Heritage Heights Subdivision in conjunction with Insituform lining of the sewer line. Bank erosion has exposed the sanitary sewer trunk line in the drainage ditch. To alleviate future issues with erosion, the city will install a closed storm sewer and fill the ditch. The improvements include a pending donation of lot 66 in Heritage Heights by Heritage Heights of Rolla, LLC. The improvements will run from Liberty Drive south to Independence Drive.

McCutchen Drive from Old St James Road to the new Public Works Facility will serve as a demonstration project for roller compacted concrete paving. This type of pavement has the potential to be fiscally competitive with traditional asphalt paving.

A scheduled pump replacement at the HyPoint sanitary sewer pump station will upgrade the pump to accommodate the increase in flow anticipated by completion of the Hartmann's facility. The new higher capacity pumps will be installed by a contractor. Rolla Municipal Utilities will provide new electrical service and the necessary transformer.

Highway 72 Extension, part of the Rolla West plan, will be designed by HNTB/Archer Elgin and constructed by contract. Work is planned for 2017 and 2018 construction seasons. The project will be funded by the proposed TDD, scheduled for approval in January of 2017, and will provide a new 4-lane road from the intersection of US Highway 63 and State Route 72 west to the intersection of Bridge School Road and Kingshighway.

City staff will prepare a new 20-Year Capital Improvement Plan. The document is a preliminary engineering report for capital items needed to operate, maintain and improve the existing facilities in streets, sidewalks, storm water and wastewater collection over a 20 year planning period. HDR/Archer Elgin will prepare a Wastewater Treatment Facility preliminary engineering report for all three of the wastewater treatment plants. It's anticipated that both of these processes will take approximately 9 months to prepare. When complete, "Task Order 8" will be added to HDR's professional agreement allowing for development of an integrated management plan based on EPA and Missouri DNR guidance that will provide the city with an adaptable, affordable, long-term plan for addressing wastewater and stormwater needs in the future.

Nearly 4,169 lineal feet (0.8 miles) of sidewalk will be constructed along the east side of Route E from Danata Street to Fraternity Drive. All design and construction will be done by in-house staff.

Field crews will install nearly 478 lineal feet of new storm sewer from the south side of Sycamore Drive, across Laurel Drive, and ending at Dutro Carter Creek. The project will consist of a combination of 42" concrete pipe and 30" poly systems pipe liner, as well as three double inlet boxes.

Staff will remodel two different portions of the Rolla Police Department located on Pine Street. The first area is a 17'x17' training room. The second area will include the repair and reconstruct of the front entrance and ramp.

In-house repair work will begin on the west stormwater clarifier at the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant. Clarifiers are designed to remove solid particles or suspended solids from stormwater.

In-house staff will design and a contractor will install variable drive aerators at the Southwest Treatment Plant oxidation ditch.

Because sewer bills are based on water usage and it is estimated that the existing water meters are inaccurate by an estimated 10%, Rolla Municipal Utilities and the City of Rolla sewer maintenance crew will partner to replace all water meters within the city limits of Rolla. This will be a multi-year program, replacing just over 7,000 meters. Two, two-person crews consisting of both RMU and wastewater staff, will do the work over what is estimated to take 28 days per year over the next five years. Further testing of the meters installed to date may alter the schedule if meter inaccuracies are shown to be more than 10%.

Chip seal improvements will be made to five parking lots. All the facilities are located in city parks, and include parking for two ballfields, a pavilion and the lot just east of the Presbyterian Church in Ber Juan Park and the parking facility located to the east of the Frisco engine in Schuman Park. The entrance road and parking areas at the Southeast Treatment Plant may be chip sealed as part of a trade with Phelps County Road Department in exchange for the city's contribution in work done on the North Outer Road in Northwye and the centerline striping of county roads.

Street work for 2017 will include approximately 5 miles of overlays, 10 miles of seal coat maintenance (micropaving) and chip seal on two streets. In house personnel are responsible for the selection of streets to receive improvement as well as prep work such as crack sealing and patching.

Here is a printable map of future street work.

A resolution passing the newly developed Complete Streets Strategy is anticipated for early 2017. The program focuses on providing a safe and efficient transportation system that provides choices for all modes, ages and abilities while connecting the community. The policy will be very closely tied to the city's continuing efforts to reduce trip hazards on city sidewalks as well as the program to retrofit all curb ramps in town to meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Improvements will likely include an increase in bicycle and pedestrian friendly infrastructure, traffic calming upgrades and safety enhancements.

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