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Explorer Post #170

The mission of the Rolla Police Department Exploring program is to promote an increased interest in law enforcement field, teach leadership, and provide an opportunity for community service.

logoWhat Do Explorers Do?

Explorers have many opportunities to apply the training they receive during their monthly meetings. For example explores volunteer at community events doing security work, directing traffic, participating in parades, and working carnivals.

Explorers learn firsthand how Police Officers do their jobs. Police Officers, Detectives, Dispatchers, Street Crime Officers and Paramedics are just a few personnel who assist on the trainings.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible to be an Explorer if you are:

How Do I Join?

If you’re interested in becoming a Rolla Police Department Explorer and meet all the above requirements, please fill out an Explorer Application. Return the completed application form to Sgt. Tony Lauth or Cpl. Brad Gibbs at the Rolla Police Department.

Application (Fill out and return to Rolla Police Department)

There will be a minimum of two meetings per month; one training meeting and one business meeting every other Tuesday evening. Explorers will also participate in four annual trash pickups.


Being an Explorer offers many opportunities to learn valuable leadership and life skills, make new friends, interact with the public and have fun! Explorers can participate in ride alongs will full-time Officers, after they pass their 10-codes test. They will experience different calls and duties officers do.

What Will I Learn?

The following list is an example of some of the activities and training in which the Explorers participate in.

Contact Information:

Post Advisor: Sgt. Tony Lauth
Advisor: Cpl. Brad Gibbs

Rolla Police Department
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