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Behind the Badge

Mission Statement: Rolla Police Auxiliary "Behind the Badge" is a Charitable organization committed to supporting and promoting local law enforcement officers and the community they serve, through acts of goodwill, service and positive influence.

Behind the Badge was developed through the vision of a Rolla Police Officer’s spouse with the intention of strengthening the bonds of the Rolla Police Department family, with the support of Chief Mark Kearse. Through the efforts of RPD spouses and employees the organization has assisted both department families and community members during times of hardship. Behind the Badge also organizes events within the department to establish unity and give opportunity for camaraderie among employees and spouses. Touted as a "Ladies Auxiliary" but essentially becoming an organization focused on the betterment of the Rolla Community.

(Contributions to Behind the Badge are not tax deductible.)

"Behind the Badge brings department family together"

Upcoming Events:

Pizza Inn Fund Raiser - August 22, 2010, 5pm-8pm

Bake Sale at Wal-Mart (Rolla) - October 23, 2010


Pizza Inn Fundraiser, 5/27/08



President: Melissa Dillon
Vice President: Paula Volkmer
Secretary: D'Ettra Kearse
Treasurer: Trina Duarte