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Chapter 3 - Airports & Aircraft

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Chapter Contents:

Article I - Advisory Committee

Article I - Advisory Committee

Sec. 3-1. Established; membership; appointment of members.

The Airport Advisory Committee is hereby established consisting of eight members. The members of this Committee shall be appointed by the Mayor subject to the consent and ratification of the City Council. One member of such Committee shall be a member of the City Council, three members of such Committee shall be persons known to have had experience in aviation, two members of the Committee shall represent leasehold or land interests at the Airport, and two members will be appointed at-large, who shall be residents of the city of Rolla. The City Administrator or his designee shall serve as ex-officio member and assist the Committee in all areas of responsibility. (Ord. 1371, §1; Ord. 3269, §1; Ord. 3763, §1, Ord. 4107 §1)

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Sec. 3-2. Term of office, Directors and compensation of members

Members of the Airport Advisory Committee shall serve two year terms, and shall be eligible to succeed themselves. The members of the Airport Advisory Committee shall receive no compensation. The Airport Advisory Committee shall, immediately after appointment, meet and between themselves elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings. The city shall keep the minutes and records thereof and duly transmit same to the City Council for their review. (Ord. 1371, §1; Ord. 3269, §1, Ord. 4107 §1)

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Sec. 3-3. Duties generally

The Airport Advisory Committee shall advise and counsel the City on all matters pertaining to the management, control and operation of the Rolla National Airport (RNA) including the RNA Industrial & Technology Park; including the establishment of rules and regulations for the use of the Airport, maintenance and further development of same, and shall assist Administration in supervising and enforcing terms of any contract entered into by the City for the operation and control of such Airport. (Ord. 1371, §1; Ord. 3269, §1, Ord. 4107 §1)

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Sec. 3-4. Deposit of certain revenue, etc., in airport account

All money received from any source by reason of ownership of the airport facilities or operation contract shall be deposited by the city collector in a fund known as the "Airport Fund". (Ord. 1371, §1; Ord. 3269, §1)

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Sec. 3-5. Repealed

(Ord. 1371, §1; Ord. 3269, §1) (Repealed by Ord. 3399, §1)

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Sec. 3-6. Authority to lease, etc., airport

The City Administrator and the advisory committee shall have the authority to negotiate for the rental of any portion of the premises of the Rolla National airport not required for the efficient operation of the airport, whether it be for agricultural purposes, or for any other desirable purpose; provided, that no agreement shall be made except with the approval of the city council. (Ord. 1371, §1; Ord. 3094; Ord. 3269, §1.)

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Sec. 3-7 to 3-13. Reserved

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