City of Rolla, Missouri
901 North Elm Street
Rolla, MO 65401

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Last modified: 05/07/19

MIS Division

The MIS Division for the City of Rolla is an administrative section of the Finance department. MIS, which stands for Management Information Systems, is an internal support unit, providing technical and information related expertise, support, and guidance for the operating departments of the City. This includes purchasing, management, and support of hardware, software, and external services, as well as the provision of internal services to the end users in various departments.

Areas of responsibility include:

Who We Are. . .

MIS Coordinator:
Brian Kinsey

MIS Technician:
Rob Hribar

Office Location
City Hall
(901 North Elm)
1st Floor



What we do. . .

The Mission of the Information Technology division of
the City of Rolla is to aid the various branches of the
City government in carrying out their tasks more
effectively and efficiently through the use of information

We will do this by evaluating and recommending new
technologies and products; by defining strategies for
information dissemination, usage, and control and
means of achieving them; by overseeing the best and
most cost-effective use of technology; by achieving
and maintaining beneficial relationships with vendors,
consultants, and other sources of knowledge and
assistance; and by encouraging and supporting the
effective exchange of electronic data in all its forms
among and between the City, its staff, and its

External Services:

Internal Services: