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Fire Department Personnel

Fire Chief
Ron Smith

Asst. Fire Chief
Jeff Breen


Station 1
1490 East 10th Street

Station #2
400 West 4th Street


Captain Joe Decker 311 Captain John Marti 310
Lieutenant Chris Covey 313 Lieutenant Scott Proffitt 312
Firefighter Chad Mathis 315 Firefighter Brad Woods 314
Firefighter Kyle Leivian 317 Firefighter Alan Hill 316
Firefighter   319 Firefighter Nathaniel Conaway 318


Captain Allan Michaels 321 Captain Michael Beucler 320
Lieutenant Ryan Mackay 323 Lieutenant Adam Birdsong 322
Firefighter Ryan Day 325 Firefighter Ryan Scholl 324
Firefighter Nathan German 327 Firefighter Wayne Feeler 326
Firefighter   329 Firefighter Daniel Hollinsworth 328


Captain Aaron Campbell 331 Captain Matt Griggs 330
Lieutenant Kenny Chase 333 Lieutenant Chris Recker 332
Firefighter Ray Evans 335 Firefighter Geoff Stevenson 334
Firefighter Dillian Barnes 337 Firefighter Brandon Williams 336
Firefighter   339 Firefighter Justin Garcia 338


Fire Apparatus and Vehicles

Rolla Fire & Rescue utilizes a variety of vehicles and firefighting apparatus to perform its mission of public safety and emergency response. The height of some local buildings, such as Thomas Jefferson Hall on the University of Missouri-Rolla campus, place some requirements on the department that most departments in cities of similar size may not face. Rolla Fire & Rescue, with its fleet of vehicles, stands ready to respond to any emergency situation, whether on the ground or 90 feet in the air.

Below you will find a list of the fire engines and support vehicles maintained and used by the department. Click the "Radio Designation" field for each vehicle to see a picture of it.

Radio Designation Year/Manufacturer/Model Usage
Unit 301
2010 Ford Explorer
Fire Chief
Unit 303
2003 Ford Excursion
Training Officer
2007 - 100 ft Pierce
100' Aerial Platform
1998 Quantum Pierce Pumper
Rescue Pumper
2000 Pierce Quint
75' Aerial Ladder
2013 - Rescue Pumper
Rescue Pumper
2007 - 75 ft Pierce Quint
75' Aerial Platform
2006 Burlington RV
Mobile Command Vehicle
Support 30
1999 GMC
Mobile Cascade Unit
2002 Ford F-350
2003 Ford F-450
2014 Blazer
Water Rescue














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