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Rolla Comprehensive Plan 2020

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Key Questions:

Land Use – Does the community have adequate land set aside for housing, retail services, industrial and employment uses, institutional growth, and open space? Where should additional growth be avoided?

Annexation – What areas should be considered for future annexation? What criteria should the City Council use to make this decision?

Transportation – What road improvements should be undertaken?

Community Facilities – Does Rolla have adequate infrastructure and services (schools, water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, etc.) to serve future demand resulting from projected population growth?

Environment – How can growth be accommodated safely within the constraints imposed by flood plains and topography?

What we did...

The Comprehensive Plan Update provides a single document that incorporates the major issues and policy recommendations contained in other plans and planning reports or discovered through the citizen involvement process. The Plan update insures that the Rolla Comprehensive Plan continues to address the needs of a growing community and provide guidance for future public and private decision-making on a variety of topics.

Why we did it...

Work on the current Rolla Comprehensive Plan was initiated in 1995 and the Plan was completed in 1996. The Plan has been amended several times to reflect changes in the community, such as the completion of the South side annexation process. Although the Plan has served its purpose, the continued growth and changing needs and conditions in the Rolla area  necessitated revisiting important community issues with a view towards the future.

About the Process

Between November 2004 and January 2006 a Planning Advisory Committee, consisting of representative members of the community and appointed officials, worked with staff to update the 1996 Comprehensive Plan. The Committee provided input, advice, and feedback to the project team as the process moved forward. Community input was an important part of this process.

The update of the Rolla Comprehensive Plan, the City's long range plan for the physical development of the community, was initiated in January 2005 and was adopted by City Council on January 17, 2006. The Rolla 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update serves as the basis for decisions regarding future growth, land use, and public infrastructure development. The Plan's development was assisted by a 19 member Planning Advisory Committee, appointed by City Council, which met regularly during the year completing their work in October 2005 with a draft of the Rolla 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update that included a "Growth Vision" and "Values" statements for the City. Also included were goals, guiding principles and policy statements for the plan elements.

In November 2005 the City conducted a series of open houses and sent Comprehensive Plan brochures
( Front 5.5mb | Back ) to all Rolla households.

The adopted "Vision" Statement for Rolla says: "Rolla will be a progressive, clean, safe, economically balanced, family-oriented city, offering the region a strong economy, quality education and health care, unified leadership, superior cultural and recreational opportunities, and excellent community services and physical facilities."

Interested in learning more about the Comprehensive Plan update? Please contact James Shields, at 573-426-6974 or email for more information.

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